ex·hil·a·rate movement studio
12227 Wilshire Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA  90025

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Valerie, Exhilarate Movement Studio Founder- Valerie found her way to health and fitness because of her own personal health challenges. After experiencing so many dead ends and endless pharmaceutical treatments for cancer and an auto-immune thyroid disease, it became her passion to take her health into her own hands and pursue alternative forms of healing. Her journey led her to study holistic nutrition, meditation, ayurveda, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and colon hydrotherapy.  Valerie is I-ACT (International Association of Hydrotherapists) certified at the advanced level and a LIBBE certified colon hydrotherapist. She holds an M.A. in French Literature.  She is also certified as a Nutritional Consultant and raw food chef! She has completed the Healthy Lifestyle Program at the Living Foods Institute and the Living Foods Lifestyle Total Well-Being Program at Anne Wigmore's Natural Health Institute.  In addition to having a vast knowledge of detox and a living a healthy lifestyle, she teaches pilates, Zumba®Zumba® Toning, Zumba® for Kids and Rumba Caliente. Valerie got certified in pilates at Sheppard Method Pilates in 2009 and also completed an advanced pilates certification in Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies at BASI (Body Arts and Science International®). She began dancing at the age of 4 and continues that passion by teaching Zumba® . She is passionate about health and hopes to help educate and inspire people to become responsible for their own emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Alicia -Alicia loves to dance! She was born in Mexico and musica latina is in her roots. The first time she tried Zumba®, she was hooked and decided to be in the front of the class and transmit all that great energy she has. She began teaching Zumba® in 2013 and loves it just as much now as she did then.  Zumba has helped her in so many ways she could have never imagined. "It is fun, sweaty and challenging. It gets you in shape, releases stress and works the mind."

Anna - Anna grew up in Poland where she earned her Master’s in Architecture.  She moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts 10 years ago where she discovered her love for Zumba® during a far too cold winter. “I was amazed that I was able to burn so many calories while having such a blast!”  This love turned into a passion for Latin and international music. She immediately got certified and has been teaching Zumba® back east ever since. Moving to LA in 2015, Anna is thrilled to continue her Zumba® passion here in the warmth of LA at Exhilarate Movement Studio. “There is no bigger reward than seeing people’s smiling faces at the end of a great song!”

April Grace - April Grace has been teaching in the Los Angeles area for the past 8 years as a Yoga and Pilates instructor.  In 2014 she discovered the healing benefits of dynamic stretching and strengthening with Maria Esmonde White’s Essentrics Program.  This program transformed her body to longer and leaner muscles, but more amazingly healed chronic neck and shoulder injuries.  She is one of the first certified Essentric Teachers in the Los Angeles area and is really excited to bring this incredible technique to this area.  She holds a Mat Pilates and Advanced Mat Pilates Certifications from Fitour USA and Yoga Certification from the Hatha Yoga Center (RYS). 

Armando - Armando has always loved to dance and sing.  He has appeared in several Mexican singing competition shows and won second place.  In 2011 he found his way to Zumba® looking for a way to be healthier.  After losing 40 pounds, Armando decided to get certified and share his love for Zumba® with his students.  He is also certified in Zumba® Toning.  You may see him on a new infomercial for Rotorazor!

Ashley - Ashley is a professional dance fitness instructor who is passionate about helping women and men who don't like working out at the gym achieve their health and fitness goals. After personally losing over 40lbs with dance fitness, she became inspired to show others the life-changing benefits of dance and how dance can make any exercise feel like a party. She also offers her clients simple healthy living tips and fun, targeted workouts designed to help them sculpt their fit bodies.

Briana - Briana is no stranger to personal fitness as a Martial Arts student, and dancer with experience in various genres of dance, including Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop and both Smooth and Latin ballroom styles. She currently resides in Santa Monica, California where she teaches Doonya at multiple gyms and studios throughout the LA area. Briana has also appeared on fitness news segments aired on KABC, KTLA and more recently on Fox 11's Good Day LA. Students and fellow instructors alike adore Briana's sunny disposition, stamina and enthusiasm as an instructor. As the mentee of Kajal Desai the Co-Founder of Doonya, Briana counts it an honor and privilege to be a Doonya instructor. She is an avid devotee of the program because she believes Doonya doesn't just transform a person's physical health in amazing ways, it also brings happiness into the lives of their students and leaves them feeling like true Bollystars

Elisa - Elisa has been teaching Zumba® since 2009 in Colorado, Singapore, and even at sea with Celebrity Cruises. Originally, Elisa is from Uruguay, South America, but she spent more than half of her life growing up in the United States. Her passion for her roots led her to pursue studying the culture, dance, and music of Brazil and Latin America. Elisa has trained in samba and afro-Brazilian dance with Brazilian teachers as well as danced with several samba troupes. She has taught workshops in Singapore and the U.S, including the Colorado Brazil Fest in 2012. Dancing is one of her great passions and she has trained in jazz, modern, African, samba, salsa and other rhythms from Latin America.

Megan -Megan is an upbeat and creative dance fitness teacher whose joy for dancing is contagious. She brings her passion for health and wellness to the dance floor.  Her class is a blend of dance and fitness that will leave you feeling motivated, excited, and defitnitly sweaty!  In Megan's classes, you will dance to music that makes you feel good and get a total body workout. Her goal is to leave you feeling more centered, happy, and energized than when you walked in the door.  All levels welcome. She is Zumba® and AFAA certified. 

Sandy -From childhood, Sandy has been involved with dance, organized athletics, drill team, fitness classes, martial arts and yoga. Dance has always been her passion, however, and she studied hip-hop, Latin dances, Jazz, Afro-Cuban and other world dances both at UCLA and beyond. Sandy has a Bachelor's degree from UCLA in Sociology, and a Master's degree in Social Welfare. She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Sandy has certifications in Zumba® , Rumba Caliente and AFAA group fitness. Sandy brings energy, fun, challenge and a big smile to each class. When she's not dancing at the studio, you may see her running around town with her husband, two amazing kids and two dogs!

Whitney -Whitney began her Zumba® journey in 2011 as a student after repeated encouragement from her family. Whitney has always loved to dance, and when she was introduced to Zumba® she realized how much fun fitness can be. In 2014, she pursued her passion for Zumba® by becoming a licensed Zumba® Fitness instructor. Teaching Zumba® is one of the highlights of her week. Whitney's class is easy to follow and features toe-tapping rhythms from around the world. The goal of every class is to sweat, smile, and let loose, all while engaging in a full body workout. Come experience the  Zumba® lifestyle today - it can change your life!